Healing Retreats

 Healing Retreats on Achill Island, Co. Mayo

Achill Island is THE place to go for a healing retreat.

Why? It is magical, unspoilt and superbly beautiful. There is no better place to unwind, forget about all your problems and relax while you take in the stunning scenery. It will heal your body, mind and soul.

I warmly encourage you to come to Achill Island, Co. Mayo for a multi-session Bio-Energy Therapy or ThetaHealing® treatment over the weekend or a few consecutive days.

Choose between a Weekend Pampering Retreat and a 4 day Healing Retreat.

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It’s not an accident that Achill Bio-Energy Therapy is located on Achill Island and that annual Achill Holistic Festival is held here.

Achill dolmen above healing centre Achill Bioenergy Therapy

Ancient dolmen right above Achill Bioenergy Therapy centre – can be accessed directly from the centre

Achill Island has a unique, magical and powerfully healing feminine energy. The air here is pure and we are surrounded by the ocean. The wind constantly blows away any pollution, both chemical and magnetic. What’s more, Achill sits on a bedrock of amethyst and clear quarz, both well known healing crystals.

And, as you can see in the video below, it’s stunningly beautiful :-).

Just being here on Achill Island for a couple of days allows the body and mind to relax and get into a healing mode. This is exactly what you want when you are getting a bioenergy healing treatment! You want to be in a quiet and beautiful place and let the energy do its job while you relax.

I feel that the energy of Achill Island does half of the healing work for me. I am passionate about these special healing properties of my adoptive home and we would love my clients to avail of them as well.

Bridge to Achill Island

Bridge to Achill – no need to take a ferry! Photo courtesy of Jake Scott, Sona Baile Gallery

Achill has a long tradition as a healing place. We know of good few healing wells here and a healing river coming down from Slievemore called Maire Bhain (White Mary in Irish) – a name which hints at its healing qualities through the connection with the compassionate and healing aspect of the goddess (like Quan Yin for example)

Slievemore (where the Achill Bio-Energy Therapy centre is located) harbours secrets pointing at its uniqueness and high energy: in the middle of it there are over 10 megalithic structures, ranging from so called court tombs to stone circles, today mostly overgrown by the bog – a concentration quite uncanny for such a small and remote island. The people who built those structures about 6 thousand years ago (yes, 6 THOUSAND!!) must have had an important reason for it – Slievemore is a power place. One of the megalithic structures is just being excavated – exciting! I offer guided walks if you are interested in exploring Achill’s magic during your stay.

I hope you can imagine now how the unique atmosphere of Achill Island will help you relax, unwind and heal like never before!

Choose between a Weekend Pampering Retreat and a 4 day Healing Retreat.

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