Distant Healing


Distant Bioenergy Healing is every bit as effective as a healing session in person

Distant healing relies on the fact that everything in nature is connected energetically. Bioenergy Healing doesn’t really work on the physical body directly but rather on the so called etheric (energy) body and emotional body. The latter two bodies are invisible layers of our being arranged like Russian dolls over the physical body which would represent the smallest doll.

Bioenergy Healing affects directly the etheric and emotional body and its effects then seep through to the physical body, which is where the results are felt.

“I asked Agata for help because for a few good months I was suffering from persistent sore throat and ears, blocked sinuses and painful wet cough even though I had got an antibiotic and anti-allergy treatments. Not only the (distant) sessions were very pleasant (full relaxation, this blissful state you get into just before you fall asleep) but also session after session the symptoms eased until they disappeared completely. There is also the bonus of loads of energy and positive disposition. This alone is why Bio-Energy Therapy is worth trying, even distantly.”

Malgorzata from Poznan, Poland

It is possible to access the etheric body from a distance, very much like calling someone far away on the mobile phone. All the therapist needs is to know the client or have their photo in order to tune into their etheric body and conduct the healing.

Therapist and client connect over Skype and after a brief chat the therapist conducts a short progressive relaxation. During a distant healing session the client is lying on their bed relaxing while the therapist is working. Clients often report feeling exactly the same sensations as during a session in person.

The benefits of distant healing are as powerful as those of a session in person. The added benefit is that those clients who are exhausted and need to rest or sleep can continue sleeping after the session thereby offering their bodies a chance to heal deeply. There is no need to get up to drive home.

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