TLogo Theta HealinghetaHealing® is an amazing healing modality which allows the practitioner to remove negative beliefs, feelings and thoughts that are causing you emotional pain and preventing you from being where you want to be.

Using the energy from the Universe I can help you replace them with positive beliefs and feelings that will empower you which, in turn,  will help you create the life you want.

Most physical issues are stress and belief-based. This means that they manifested as a result of a belief system and/or stressful living conditions.

The belief systems can be changed easily with ThetaHealing® while Bio-Energy Therapy helps lower stress levels, stimulates the immune system, relaxes and regenerates the tissues and helps the body restore the optimum health.

For best results in my practice I combine both healing modalities with my experience in the fields of psychology and counselling.

Discover ThetaHealing® on Official Vianna Stibal ThetaHealing® Website or watch this short intro to ThetaHealing® by its creator, Vianna Stibal: