Bio-Energy Therapy

Bio-Energy Therapy is a gentle but powerful hands-on healing modality, excellent at dealing with stress which is at the root of most health problems.

During the session the therapist places her hands on or over client’s body (while the client remains fully dressed) and allows bioenergy to flow through her hands into the body of the client. This helps the client relax and de-stress, removes energetic blockages and energises the client’s body.

Bioenergy Healing helps the body heal itself by unblocking and balancing the energy system and giving a boost to the immune system.

Bio-Energy Therapy can help with a wide variety of issues, from chronic back/ neck/ shoulder pain, to emotional issues (anxiety, depression, trauma), insomnia, migraines, arthritis, digestive problems and even cancer (read full list of issues bioenergy healing can help with).

Some of the issues can be fully healed. In the case of other issues, especially chronic and degenerative ones, Bio-Energy Therapy can relieve the pain, slow down the development of the illness and improve the patient’s condition thereby improving the quality of their life.

Bioenergy healing can speed up healing and tissue regeneration helping the body recover after e.g. operation, childbirth, chemotherapy or sports injury .

One of the main benefits of Bio-Energy Therapy is that it stengthens the immune system. Strong immune system helps the body break the vicious circle of recurrent infections and the need to take increasingly stronger antibiotic treatments.

Bio-energy’s ability to revitalise the body and to promote tissue regeneration is used in:

Bio-Energy Therapy can help reduce overarousal and its chronic symptoms experienced by Highly Sensitive Persons (not sure if you are one? check here). It is used in combination with coaching for HSPs based on learning how to manage overarousal while still enjoying the benefits of high sensitivity to subtle energies, beauty, intuition, empathy etc. (read more about coaching for HSPs here).

To read some short case studies please check what our clients say.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bioenergy Healing

What kind of therapy is Bio-Energy Therapy and how can it help you?

Bio-Energy Therapy is a so-called complimentary therapy which means that it neither competes with nor replaces professional medical care.

Bio-Energy Therapy consists in laying of hands by the bio-energy therapist on the client’s body. Bio-energy flows through the hands of the bio-energy therapist into the client’s body and is used by the body to heal itself.

The main result of Bio-Energy Therapy is the strengthening of the immune system, thereby making the body capable of healing itself.

Bio-Energy Therapy gives great results in cases of chronic conditions such as e.g. chronic back pain, degenerative and autoimmune diseases, and recurrent conditions, such as chronic bronchitis.

Bio-Energy Therapy promotes tissue regeneration, therefore it is used during recovery after illness, operation, stroke, cancer treatment or pregnancy and childbirth.

Even though about 70-90% of the patients go to GP with symptoms caused by stress, official medicine refuses to diagnose stress as an illness. Bio-Energy Therapy is incredibly efficient at lowering stress levels thereby preventing the development of stress-related conditions and immediately improving the quality of the client’s life.

Bio-Energy Therapy can improve the quality of your life by helping you overcome depression, anxiety and insomnia. Bio-Energy Therapy will both relax and invigorate your body making you feel younger, more energised, more positive and full of life.

How is distant healing possible?

Einstein explained through his relativity theory that space and time don’t exist. This means that if bio-energy therapist possesses the “code” of the client (their photo or image on Skype), they can send bio-energy to them with unbelievable speed, faster than the speed of light.

All the bio-energy therapist needs to do is visualise the client and send an energy transfer to them. In practice the therapist conducts a normal bio-energy session in their mind, visualising the client’s body part by part and working on the mental image. A so-called non-local connection is established between the therapist and the client, and the energy is transferred immediately.

As the client lies comfortably in their own bed rather than in a therapy room it has been often observed that the results of distant healing sessions can be stronger than those of a session in person.

Energy knows no bounds and the success many therapists obtain with distant healing demonstrates that energetically we are all connected.

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What kind of issues can be healed or improved with Bio-Energy Therapy?

For a list of our most popular treatments click here.

For full list of issues which can be addressed with Bio-Energy Therapy please click here.

What is a Bio-Energy Therapy session like?

A bio-energy session usually lasts 1 hour and starts with a short interview or assessment of progress since the previous session.

After the interview the bio-energy therapist starts working on the client’s body by laying her hands on its relevant parts. If the client feels uncomfortable being touched, bio-energy treatment can be conducted hands-off, without touching the body of the client.

The treatment of sexual organs is always conducted hands-off.

Client remains fully dressed in a sitting position on a comfortable chair or lying down on a massage bed, covered with a blanket, for the duration of the session

The session ends with a brief chat to make sure that the client is fully grounded and able to drive. During the chat the bio-energy therapist might give recommendations about grounding, relaxation or emotional release techniques as well as appropriate aftercare.

What is the aftercare following a bio-energy session?

To find out about aftercare please click here.

Do I need to obtain a medical diagnosis from my doctor before receiving Bio-Energy Therapy treatment?

No, providing a medical diagnosis is not required. It is, however, highly recommended for the purpose of objectively measuring the results of Bio-Energy Therapy treatment.

Only a certified medical professional can objectively measure the results of Bio-Energy Therapy treatment. Bio-energy therapist only administers the treatment. We do not diagnose illnesses or measure results other than by asking the client how they feel.

Is Bio-Energy Therapy recommended for all ages?

Generally it is. However, at sessions in person I only treat children old enough to be able to remain still for the duration of the session, and adults. For younger children 30 minute long distant healing sessions when the child is asleep are recommended.

Children and youngsters under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the session.

Is Bio-Energy Therapy safe?

Bio-Energy Therapy is safe because bio-energy therapists do not use any instruments, tools or devices interfering with the body of the client. They cannot examine or diagnose patients, discuss the details of their conditions or recommend any other treatments, change of medication or consultant. Bio-energy therapists do not interfere with the recommendations of certified medical professionals.

While administering Bio-Energy Therapy treatment bio-energy therapist holds a positive intention for the client and visualises client’s body as fully healed.

Besides, as stated above, bio-energy is intelligent and it works to uphold life and restore full health.

What are the counter-indications for receiving a Bio-Energy Therapy treatment?

If you suffer from injuries, haemorrhage or any acute condition that should be attended to at A&E, please go to the nearest hospital immediately. Bio-energy is not a substitute for professional medical care, especially in case of acute or life-threatening illnesses.

Other counter indications are: aneurisms and infectious diseases. However, if you feel that you are coming down with a flu or a cold, a Bio-Energy Therapy session might help your body fight off the illness before it fully develops.

Is it safe to receive Bio-Energy Therapy if you are suffering from cancer?

Yes. Bio-energy is an intelligent energy and it seems to be able to distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells. It therefore attacks cancer cells only. Healthy cells in the affected tissue receive bio-energy so that they can become stronger and, along with all the other cells in the body, fight the cancer.

In other words, bio-energy specifically attacks cancer cells while energising, balancing and strengthening the immune system and restoring the body’s capacity to heal itself.

It has been observed that after a bio-energy treatment tumours become smaller or even disappear. It depends on the case how many bio-energy therapy sessions are necessary to achieve such good results.

Please keep in mind that Bio-Energy Therapy is a complimentary therapy only. It is not a substitute for professional medical care. You should take any prescribed medication and follow any recommendations of your physician.

Is Bio-Energy Therapy safe for pregnant women?

Yes, it is. It has been observed that the children of mothers who regularly received Bio-Energy Therapy while pregnant were calmer and slept better. However, due to liability issues, we treat women from second trimester of pregnancy on.

Does a Bio-Energy Therapy treatment always work?

No, unfortunately not. We don’t fully understand why sometimes a Bio-Energy Therapy treatment doesn’t work. Most likely it has to do with the client’s openness to treatment and their will to be healed. If on conscious or unconscious level they don’t wish to be healed, the treatment will bring no results. Nothing and nobody can breach the person’s free will.

However, sometimes the unconscious decision to refuse a healing opportunity can be changed with ThetaHealing. Theta Healing makes it possible to identify the unconscious belief on which the decision is based and change it.

It is also possible that the client simply needs more bioenergy healing sessions for improvement to occur. How many sessions a person might need is an individual issue.

What does it mean that bio-energy is intelligent?

It means that when bio-energy is delivered into the body of the client, it recognises the illness and the way in which the system should overcome it. We, the bio-energy therapists, are only the “distributors” of this energy, which is intelligent and is able to accomplish things beyond the imagining of a human mind.

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to ask me. You can find my mobile number and my email here.

Bioenergy Healing in the ancient past

Healing with bio-energy or laying of hands is perhaps one of the oldest methods of healing and is practised around the world.

Bio-energy is believed to be cosmic energy, the life-sustaining force of the Universe. It is the basic substance which supplies all living creatures (humans, animals and plants) with life force. It is a force providing living matter with energy to live and act. Only living organisms have it, although they are not aware of that. Dead matter does not have bio-energy.

The term “bio-energy” has many synonyms. At the moment the following terms are in use: bioplasma, cosmic energy, universal energy, vital energy, life energy, orgon, morphogenetic field etc.

Hands on healing in Ancient Egypt

Hands-on healing seems to have been quite a common method of healing in Ancient Egypt

5,000 years ago in India Hindus called it prana or breath. In China it is called chi. For centuries this vital energy has been used by chi gong masters to balance and invigorate the human energy field.

The Chinese say that “blood is the mother of chi” which means that the oxygen in the blood is responsible for carrying chi to every cell of the body.

The Jewish mystical teachings of the Qabalah described this energy as the Astral Light while throughout Christianity glowing halos are shown around the heads of angels and saints.

In Ancient Greece Pythagoras, known as the first mathematician, believed that this vital energy was a luminous body capable of physical healing and the renowned father of medicine, Hypocrates, described bio-energy as the force which flows through many people’s hands.

Bio-energy is an intelligent, informed energy capable of restoring wellbeing, health and optimum functioning of body, mind and spirit. We are rarely aware of bio-energy in our bodies when we enjoy perfect health. We become, however, acutely aware of its lack when we suffer from illnesses or unpleasant symptoms. Symptoms of illness appear where the body is at its weakest, at our weakest link. For some people it may be their heart, for other people – the digestive system, yet others might suffer from emotional problems or cancer. Supplying the body with bio-energy and balancing its flow allows the body to heal itself.

The Bio-Field around Bio-Energy Therapist's hands is stronger than usual.

The Bio-Field around Bio-Energy Therapist’s hands is stronger than usual.

Modern science affirms that there is an electromagnetic envelope surrounding and permeating the human body. Today bio-energy still cannot be scientifically defined but the healing effects can be measured, seen and, most definitely, felt.

Bio-energy can be channeled by the bio-energy therapist into the client’s body where it restores health and balance. It is intelligent because it seems to go where it is needed most and do what needs to be done.

Bio-energy therapist is for your body what jump-leads are for a flat car battery. He or she allows bio-energy from the Source pass through their hands into the body of the client thereby restoring the optimum energy level. When the body enjoys an optimum level of bio-energy and when this energy is free to circulate in the body, the body has the ability to heal itself.

Bio-energy therapist does 3 main things:

  • remove energy blockages thereby improving energy circulation in the body of the client
  • add energy to the parts of the body or organs that need healing
  • remove excess of energy where there is pain, swelling or inflammation

Bio-Energy Therapy addresses the underlying causes of illness resulting from disturbances, blockages and weakness of the bio-energy field of the person.

Disturbances and weakness of the bio-energy field are often linked with shocks, traumas and repressed emotions. For this reason I combine Bio-Energy Therapy with Sedona Method, a powerful emotional release technique. To read about Sedona Method  and watch free instructional videos click here.

The combination of Bio-Energy Therapy with Sedona Method or Theta Healing®  is extremely powerful and gives very good and durable results.

Bio-Energy Therapy balances and strengthens the bio-energy field (aura) of the person and helps remove energetic blocks in the body and mind while Sedona Method engages client’s will to heal and stay healthy.

This short video might explain how bio-energy works: charged particles of plasma pass from higher potential (therapist) to lower potential (client).