Bio-Energy Fertility Support

Fertility Treatment Achill Bio Energy TherapyInfertility is a complex condition caused by a multitude of factors.

Some of the most important factors leading to difficulties conceiving are:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Emotional issues (especially fears related to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood)

In my experience these important contributing factors can be eliminated with a combination of bio-energy therapy and emotional release methods (such as Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin or ThetaHealing®) leading to successful conception, healthy pregnancy and joyful motherhood.

Bio-Energy Fertility Treatment™ consists in a series of four 1 hour long Bio-Energy Therapy sessions plus one coaching session designed to dispel the fears around pregnancy, motherhood and remove negative beliefs etc. The treatment should ideally be administered within 4-14 days.

During the sessions I will use bio-energy to:

  • Lower your overall level of stress and help your body relax profoundly
  • Strengthen your immune system to promote self-healing and healthy functioning of your internal organs, including your ovaries
  • Balance your overall energy field
  • Balance your hormones
  • Balance the energy of your uterus and your ovaries*
  • Stimulate the healthy functioning of your ovaries

During the coaching session I will teach you the basics of Sedona Method and practice releasing stress and negative emotions related with pregnancy and motherhood with you. You will be provided with materials and a video so that you can continue practicing Sedona Method on your own.

You can choose a ThetaHealing® session instead.

Bio-Energy Fertility Treatment™: 4x 1-hour bio-energy sessions + 1x 1 hour coaching session €225

(save €25 if you buy a 5-session bundle)

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In the case of difficulties getting pregnant, both future parents will benefit from a Bio-Energy Healing and coaching treatment. In today’s world stress is prevalent and it often interferes with getting pregnant affecting both future parents. Also, low sperm count resulting from stress or other health problems can contribute to delay in conception.

Therefore we offer a Double Package for a Couple:

Double Bio-Energy Fertility Treatment™ for a Couple €449

(save €50 if you buy double 5-session bundle)

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(If you would like to continue coaching sessions with me, you can do so via Skype)

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In partnership with Achill Island Holidays we offer package deals including accommodation (with breakfast) in central location, healing sessions and a dinner with wine on the night of your choice. Extras such as childcare, transport and activities can be arranged on request.

The treatment can  also be conducted distantly – we offer distant healing via Skype.

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* Bio-Energy Therapy of sexual organs is performed hands-off. For more information please refer to the FAQs section.

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