*Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)


High Sensitivity is an amazing gift, not a curse, when you know how to manage it

First things first: find out what it really means to be an HSP. Here you will find a very interesting and  informative article by another therapist working with HSPs and an HSP himself. The article explains what an HPS is, and even most importantly, what it is not.

“Dr. Aron’s research suggests that approximately 15-20% of the population fit the description of being “Highly Sensitive.” HSPs– by her definition– are people whose brains and central nervous systems are wired in such a way that they are more acutely aware of, and attuned to, themselves, other people, and their environment. As a result, a highly sensitive person is more easily stimulated and aroused by their surroundings, from which it follows that they also get more readily over aroused  than most people. This sensitivity is an inborn trait which– interestingly enough– researchers have also observed in animal populations ranging from deer to octopi.”

Next, watch the videos below and tap along. You will feel better straight away, I promise! 🙂

Good luck!

*Tuning Into Your Body: Earth and Sky Grounding Meditation

Mother-EarthThe more experience I have and the more energy I handle, the more I appreciate the humble grounding exercises. They are simply invaluable as self-healing and balancing tools. They help us to be safe and comfortable as we go through the motions of personal growth. Grounding also prolongs the effects of bio-energy therapy and allows to enjoy health and balanced state for longer.


Here is a particularly beautiful grounding meditation I learned from Jacquie Feeley, my bio-energy therapy teacher. The version presented here is my own rendition of it. I recommend that you practice it every morning until it becomes second nature and go back to it whenever you go through a tough period. It is very soothing and it will help you to relax and get centred so that you can deal with your responsibilities and tackle the challenges in the most efficient way.

This meditation is suitable even for complete beginners and will be of great aid if you want to learn to meditate more deeply.

*HSPs: Check This 5 Minute Routine To Experience How Energy Work Can Help You Stop Overarousal

It really makes a difference. I have tried it myself and it has become part of my life. It’s easy and can be done when you have a couple of spare minutes. And if you feel overwhelmed and about to panic, you can simply go to the bathroom and do it there. Don’t let overarousal interfere with your life. 

*HSPs: 1-Minute Technique to Stop Stress and Overarousal

Triple Warmer Smoothie is the fastest technique to reduce stress I know and it works for me, an extreme, end-of-scale HSP. Even if you do only this, you will immediately notice the difference.

Combine it with tapping of massaging the valley between your little finger and your ring finger, just above the knuckles, on both hands, for about a minute each. This is the end of Triple Warmer meridian and stimulating these points turns off the fear response.

I usually combine the above with Three Thumps which also reset Triple Warmer, responsible for managing the amount of cortisol and adrenalin released into the bloodstream. Cortisol and adrenalin, the little monsters, they are the ones responsible for overarousal.

Three Thumps Part 1: K-27 and Thymus

Three Thumps Part 2: Spleen Meridian

This one is my personal absolute favourite. When I don’t have time for anything else, I do this. I find it very powerful. Tapping these points resets you emotionally, energises you and mobilises your immune system – a perfect trio for an overwhelmed HSP :-).

*For The More Ambitious: How to Clear Your Chakras 

I find this short video very informative and practical. I’ve been looking for a technique to clear chakras efficiently and in a correct way for a while; this is the best one I have found.

*Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin – a Powerful Tool For Releasing Negative Emotions

The combination of Bio-Energy Therapy with Sedona Method is extremely powerful.

Bio-Energy Therapy strengthtens the bio-energy field (aura) of the person and helps remove energetic blocks in the body and mind while Sedona Method engages client’s will to heal and stay healthy.

Watch a short video explaining what is Sedona Method and how it works:

*Why is Achill Island a Healing Place? Researcher Explains the Science Behind It In 10 Minutes

Some places promote healing and some – like most hospitals unfortunately – go against healing.

Achill is not only breathtakingly beautiful, it has a unique, powerfully healing energy. I find that the combination of relaxation naturally achieved in this wonderful place over a weekend, its energy and its beauty do half of the healing job – I only do the other half :-).

More coming soon!

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