Bio-Energy Menopause Support

Menopause refers to a natural stop to your menstrual periods and fertility. Menopause happens because your ovaries stop producing the hormones oestrogen and progesterone.

Get your vitality and good mood back during menopause

Get your vitality and good mood back during menopause

The usual age at which women experience this is early fifties although pre-menopause may start earlier in some women.

The signs and symptoms of menopause can start some time before your periods stop permanently, or they can start only when your periods finish.

There is no need for you to suffer from hot flushes, mood swings, stress, insomnia or experience weight gain. Balancing your energy field and improving the circulation of energy in your body can help you control menopause symptoms without medication.

What symptoms can Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ help with?

Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ can help reduce the severity of the following  symptoms:

  • Menstrual irregularities: Changes in the pattern of your cycle e.g. periods heavier, lighter, further apart or closer together
  • Breast issues: including swollen and tender (sometimes lumpy) breasts, shrinking, sagging, and reduced firmness in breasts.
  • Vaginal issues: increased vaginal mucous and a heavy pelvic feeling almost like cramps or swelling, dryness, and an irritated feeling in the vagina
  • Urinary issues: including more frequent urination, and a tendency toward urinary tract infections, stress incontinence
  • Sleep problems: including difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking, waking frequently to urinate, inability to go back to sleep after waking, waking early
  • Weight issues: including weight gain, difficulty losing weight, redistribution of weight from the lower body to the abdomen, waist, hips and thighs, and decrease in muscle mass
  • Mood changes: including irritability, tension, anger, rapid mood swings, inability to cope with stress, extreme emotionality, and anxiety.
  • Changes in sex drive: including low sex drive, or loss of sex drive
  • Hair loss: including thinning of hair from the head or body, loss of hair from the head or body, receding male-pattern style hair loss at the temples
  • Unwanted hair: on the chin, upper lip, chest and abdomen.
  • Skin issues, including thinner, drier skin, more prominent wrinkles, adult-onset acne
  • Aches and pains: including shoulder stiffness
  • Heart-related problems: including rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations, and an irregular heartbeat
  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Concentration and memory problems

How does Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ work?

Bio Energy Menopause Treatment Achill Bio Energy Therapy

It’s a myth that menopause must be a painful experience

Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ will balance the energy field of your body as well as add energy to your system. Perfect energy balance in the body can lead to eliminating the symptoms altogether and leave you feeling healthy, energised and full of life.

The result of Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ is that your body will be able to handle the hormonal changes much better and you will experience fewer and less severe symptoms of perimenopause or menopause. Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ will help you enjoy more balanced heath and more vitality during the period of hormonal shift.

Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ also stimulates tissue regeneration and hormone production and it will allow you to enjoy youthful looks for longer. It can delay the onset of proper menopause.

Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ can be of help in lessening and even eliminating the unpleasant symptoms of menopause and perimenopause by means of:

  • energising the body and balancing its overall bio-field helping the body regain energetic and hormonal balance during the period of hormonal changes; this will reduce the hot flushes, sweating, heart issues etc.
  • strenghthening the immune system and boosting the body’s ability to regenerate its tissues and organs (including ovaries, skin and hair)
  • balancing and energising the ovaries and stimulating them to produce sex hormones for longer*
  • balancing and energising thyroid for improved metabolism (related to weight gain)
  • balancing and energising your brain to reduce menopause-related stress, anxiety, memory loss, mood swings, insomnia etc.

What does Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ consist in?

Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ consists in four 1-hour long hands-on bio-energy sessions.

All you need to do is sit on a chair or lie down on the plinth fully dressed and relax. Many people fall asleep.

During the session the therapist channels bio-energy (also known as chi or prana) into your body through her hands. It’s a very pleasant and relaxing feeling.

Bio-energy is intelligent and it pretty much goes where it is needed and does what needs to be done, although holding a specific healing intention by the therapist while placing hands on the relevant part of the body improves the results. For more info on bio-energy click here. To watch a video about bio-energy go here.

The bio-field of your body becomes at the same time energised and balanced resulting in improvement of the condition of your immune system and the ability of the body to self-heal and regenerate its tissues.

After the full Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™ it is recommended to treat yourself to one bio-energy therapy session a month to keep up the results.

What is the recommended aftercare?

You will receive easy-to-follow recommendations relating to diet, exercise and lifestyle.

During the sessions you will also be provided with very simple and effective techniques of relaxation, grounding, energy management and emotional release (if necessary).

About 15 minutes  of “tuning in” a day will hugely help you keep up the positive results of Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™.

You can read more about recommended aftercare here.

Bio-Energy Menopause Treatment™: 4x 1 hour sessions €180 (save €20)

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* Bio-Energy Therapy of sexual organs is performed hands-off. For more information please refer to the FAQs section.