Bio-Energy for Back Pain, Shoulder Pain & Neck Pain


Bioenergy Healing can help a lot with chronic back pain and sciatica

“What a relief! I will be recommending Agata – not only did she heal my pain but also showed me how to remain pain-free by changing my posture!”

Mary, 59, Castlebar

Chronic back pain and sciatica can be some of the most crippling, painful and limiting conditions.

You may suffer from back pain due to trapped nerves, pulled muscles, stress, chronic conditions such as discopathy etc. Often back pain is also due to excessive physical exercise.

Luckily, back pain and sciatica respond extremely well to Bio-Energy Therapy.

In my experience even one session brings some immediate relief. However, for lasting effect about 4 sessions within 2 weeks are recommended.

Bio-Energy Therapy helps relax the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders and restores the nervous system to its optimum condition. It also balances the energy system by removing energetic blockages and boosts the immune system thanks to which the body can heal itself.

Stress can be an underlying reason for back pain and sciatica. When we are stressed, we tend to tense our back  and neck muscles. If we do it often, we might develop chronic back pain or sciatica.

The results of Bioenergy Healing for back pain and sciatica are:

  • pain lessens and often disappears completely
  • feeling of loosening up of tight muscles and greater mobility and flexibility
  • feeling of lightness
  • pain and numbing of hands and legs lessens and even disappears completely

Chronic pain in the neck also responds very well to Bioenergy Healing

The added bonus of Bio-Energy Therapy is general feeling of well-being, relaxation and comfort in your body, a feeling of lightness, better sleep, improved mood and a boost of energy levels.

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Back pain and sciatica treatment can also be conducted distantly – we offer distant healing via Skype.

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