About Agata


Find out about Agata’s story, her work and Bioenergy Therapy in this interview:

Agata Achill Bioenergy TherapyAgata Nowicka, M. Sc. Psych, Dip. Oisin Bioenergy Therapy is a Bio-Energy Therapist, ThetaHealing®  Practitioner and Psychologist (Polish Psychological Society membership #3081).

Agata is originally from Poland. She settled in Ireland in 2006 after a fateful holiday when she fell madly in love with… the forty shades of green.

She now lives and runs her practice on Achill Island, Co. Mayo, which she finds absolutely beautiful, magical and powerfully healing.

Agata has lived in Poland, Spain and Ireland. She holds a degree in Psychology (Universidad de Barcelona, Spain), a Masters in Psychology (University of A. Mickiewicz, Poland) and has completed numerous postgraduate courses in the fields of group and family psychology.

Her interest in human emotions and motivation led her to study alternative therapies and psychological methods such as Demartini Method, Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin and ThetaHealing®.

Agata is highly intuitive and a so-called empath (she can perceive emotions, energetic blockages and pain in others directly). When she became aware of her extra-sensory abilities, Agata got interested in energy healing and studied Oisin techniques of Bio-Energy Healing with Oisin School of Bioenergy Healing. She holds a Diploma in Oisin Bioenergy Healing.

In her current work Agata combines her bioenergy healing abilities with strong intuition and her experience with releasing negative emotions and trauma. She finds the combination of bioenergy healing and coaching methods the most efficient as it allows her to address any issues the client might have holistically: on the body, mind and spirit level.

Agata’s presence is attentive, compassionate, honest and welcoming. She is discrete and inspires trust. She is open and non-judgmental as she believes that most people do their best according to their current knowledge. She is the kind of person people tell their deep secrets after 15 minutes of conversation.

She loves working with women and helping them overcome health challenges resulting from hormonal imbalances and stress, anxiety and trauma. Her experience in work with women led Agata to design specialised treatments responding to the unique needs women nowadays have.

Agata is devoted to helping women become more relaxed, to feel feminine and at the same time free and empowered. She runs Inner Goddess workshops and Sedona Method workshops and offers individual coaching and counselling sessions in person and on Skype. If you are interested in this line of Agata’s work please check out her Facebook page, Goddess Unleashed.

Agata loves working from her Achill Clinic because, as she says, the energy of the island does half of the work for her. This probably has to do with the fact that Achill sits on a bed of healing crystals, most importantly clear quarz and amethyst.

Agata now offers Healing Retreats on Achill Island and she hopes that by offering ready-made retreats she will make it easier for people to take some time for themselves and travel to Achill to avail of its wonderful energy and healing properties.

If you would like to have a chat with Agata do not hesitate to contact her.