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Bioenergy Healing is known for helping with depression, anxiety, fatigue, low energy and SAD

“I came for treatment with nerve pain radiating along my arms and numbing of my fingers. Agata was able to identify the problem and to my surprise I felt improvement after the first treatment.”

J.F., chef, Achill

Bio-Energy Therapy can help with virtually any health issue because it is a holistic healing modality which addresses the body as a whole and restores balance in the entire system, including emotional, mental and spiritual level.

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With most issues a few Bio-Energy Healing sessions are recommended to obtain durable results. Experience of many bioenergy healers from our school shows  that in most cases about 4 sessions are necessary for a client to improve considerably. For this reason most of our Specialised Treatments consist in 4 sessions and are offered at a Special Price.

How quickly you will get better depends on your overall state of health and the complexity of the issue. Sometimes more than one course of a Specialised Treatment might be necessary. However, even after 1 Bio-Energy Healing session most people feel much better – let our clients speak for themselves! 🙂

Discover our full range of Specialised Treatments based on what our clients most often seek help with:

Especially for Women:

If you haven’t found what you were looking for, please have a look other applications of bioenergy healing. We will design a treatment just for you.

Our treatments can be conducted in person in our Achill Clinic or distantly via Skype.

If you have any questions regarding bioenergy healing or the treatments, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Please check out our offer of Healing Retreats on Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Why not treat yourself to a wonderful few days’ break in the stunning setting of Ireland’s biggest and most beautiful island? Nature can be a great healer, especially in such a magical healing place as Achill Island.

We offer package deals including accommodation (with breakfast) in central location, healing sessions and a dinner with wine on the night of your choice. Extras such as childcare, transport and activities can be arranged on request.


Bio-Energy Therapy is a complimentary therapy which means it is not a substitute for medical evaluation and/ or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. Please keep taking any prescribed drugs and following any recommendations of your GP/ consultant during and after receiving Bio-Energy Therapy.