What is a Healing Session like?

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Therapy Room in Achill Clinic

The sessions in person are conducted in a cosy therapy room, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Distant healing sessions are also available over Skype.

A session lasts about an hour.

Each session starts with a short chat about your reason to seek healing so that your needs can be accommodated in the best possible way.

The choice of healing methods is up to you.

You can choose from Bioenergy HealingThetaHealing or Counsellingor you may opt for a combination of techniques to suit your individual needs best. This last option is especially suitable for any issues resulting from stress, anxiety, depression or trauma.

In case of trauma, loss, severe grief etc. we recommend that you try Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin along with Bioenergy Therapy. Sedona Method is very easy to learn and works wonders for releasing negative emotions, even those very powerful and haunting ones.

During a Bioenergy Healing session you remain fully dressed at all times. You will be asked to sit comfortably on a chair or lie down on a massage bed, close your eyes and relax for the duration of the session.

A Bioenergy Healing session is a very pleasant experience. Afterwards you will feel lighter, more relaxed and more energised. Your symptoms should lessen or disappear. If you are in pain, it should also lessen or even go away. However, the speed of recovery is an individual issue. Read here what our clients say :-).

“My sciatica made driving almost impossible. I also found it very difficult to sit on the office chair during the working day. After the first bioenergy session the pain almost disappeared but then I probably made it worse through over-exercising and carrying buckets of coal. At the next session Agata dealt with my mid-back pain. After 4 sessions I was pain-free. What a relief! I will be recommending Agata – not only did she heal my pain but also showed me how to remain pain-free by changing my posture!”

Mary, 59, Castlebar

“A friend recommended Agata to help me deal with crippling depression. I attended a few weekly sessions on Achill Island. Agata combined coaching and bioenergy healing during every session which I loved. She also taught me how to release fear and anxiety with Sedona Method. This combination proved to be really great and my depression vanished much quicker than I hoped.”

M. Ch., 30, Castlebar

We recommend that you try a single Bioenergy Therapy session to find out if this healing method suits you or if you want a quick energy boost. If you suffer from a more serious or complex health issue and require a few healing sessions you can avail of special offer of a 4-session treatment.

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If you are not ready to book a session just yet you are more than welcome to contact me and ask me any questions you might have about the above offer.

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Bio-Energy Therapy is a complimentary therapy which means it is not a substitute for medical evaluation and/ or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. Please keep taking any prescribed drugs and following any recommendations of your GP/ consultant during and after receiving Bio-Energy Therapy.