Bioenergy Healing can help a lot with birth trauma in babies manifesting as trouble sleeping and feeding, fretfulness and pain.

Bioenergy Healing is safe for even newborn babies and all babies can benefit greatly from a Bioenergy Healing session.

We observe great benefits especially in babies with complications resulting from birth trauma, i.e cramps in limbs, pains in shoulders, pelvis and head resulting from spinal misalignment, high stress and sensitivity manifesting as frequent waking up, crying, difficulties sleeping, lack of appetite etc., in naturally Highly Sensitive babies and in babies of stressed new mums.

A baby can be suffering from birth trauma even after a seemingly normal birth. That’s why it’s worth to pay attention to any signs of stress or suffering, problems with sleep and feeding, slow growth and development etc. and take action without worrying about diagnosis of birth trauma.

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Bioenergy Healing can help babies and new mums relax and enjoy being together

We often found that offering sessions to babies alongside mums helps dissolve the energetic cords of fear linking and stressing out both mums and babies. After a few sessions both babies and mums relax and can enjoy a loving but stress-free relationship resulting in better sleep and feeding as well as more joy.

Babies’ energy systems are very lively and their bodies are small therefore babies need only about 20-30 minutes of healing at a time.

All Bioenergy Healing sessions for babies are conducted distantly, preferably when babies are asleep, so as not to stress them unnecessarily by being exposed to unfamiliar environment and people.

A 4-session Bundle for Babies includes a free consultation with a parent before  and after treatment. For Special Offers click here.

And here is a testimonial from a happy mum 🙂

“Ryan was a one-year-old baby when Agata first treated him and just two blocks of four sessions produced incredible results. He was in pain and discomfort, particularly from locked ribs, shoulders and pelvic joints despite a year of specialist assessment and disability clinics, scans, hospital admissions, a lot of physio and a lot of osteopathic treatment with some but slow and limited/short-term improvement. His development had been delayed by birth injuries and illness, he had only just started sitting, didn’t try to put food or even a bottle to his mouth, and only spoke two words. After just one BioEnergy session, Ryan crawled on all fours for the first time the very next day and the following week crawled up a series of steps – this was remarkable improvement after everything he’d been through! He rapidly gained confidence and some independence which he clearly enjoyed, became more chatty and laughed a lot more than before. Eight months on, Ryan is still doing great; he is in good health and is pain free, runs round playing football, has over 260 words and short phrases and now exceeds development milestones for his age (which was unexpected in his case). After all the treatment he received, without doubt I attribute almost all of his improvement to BioEnergy (anyone who knows me knows I’m an objective scientist and it takes a lot to convince me!) – I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen and experienced these results for myself, it’s incredible stuff and we can’t thank Agata enough for all she’s done. I’m sure every parent wants the best for their child and for Ryan this was probably the best gift he could have been given that’s given him a fantastic start in life and helped him be the happy, bubbly toddler he’s become.

After seeing huge improvements when Agata treated my other child, I had treatment myself (- which I found very relaxing and pleasant to experience which is comforting to know if considering treatment for your child –) and booked in my other son, Barry (then aged two and a half). Barry had relatively mild ailments but he seemed run down and lethargic with a stye, a nasty boil he’d had for quite a while, eczema, tight shoulders, frequent chest infections, and poor eating since around the time his younger brother arrived one year before. Immediate results (within the first few days) included a burst of new words and some good sentences/long phrases (although not the reason for treatment, Agata was unsurprised and explained that BioEnergy therapy boosts the nervous system), his mood improved, his eating improved, and the boil and stye quickly healed. In the longer term, Barry generally has more energy and is in better health – he catches infections far less often and when he does catch one he recovers from it considerably faster than before, he occasionally gets a little eczema and illness if he gets something to eat when in the care of others that he should avoid but otherwise the eczema quickly cleared and generally he doesn’t have any eczema now, and he hasn’t had a stye or boil since treatment. I was also very grateful to Agata for her explanations and suggestions for things I could do to help. Everything Agata was able to do and advise far exceeded my hopes and expectations from when I first rang to book, I’m so grateful to her!”

BW, Westport. Ireland