Gift Vouchers NOW available!

Available Gift Vouchers:

  • Gift Voucher for a 1 hour Bio-Energy Therapy Session in Achill Clinic €60
  • Gift Voucher for a 1 hour Distant Bio-Energy Therapy Session via Skype €50
  • Gift Voucher for a 4x 1 hour sessions Bio-Energy Therapy Treatment in Achill Clinic €200 (you save €40)
  • Gift Voucher for a 4x 1 hour sessions Distant Bio-Energy Therapy Treatment via Skype €180 (you save €20)


Gift Vouchers can be ordered by email, paid by PayPal or credit card and will be delivered by post to the address of your choice. Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Gift Voucher pic


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