Bio-Energy for Digestive Issues, IBS & Sensitive Gut


Digestive issues often result from prolonged stress. By balancing the body’s energy system and reducing stress levels Bio-Energy Therapy helps reduce and even eliminate the painful symptoms.

Chronic indigestion often results from overly stressful way of life.

It can also result from bacterial infections, yeast overgrowth or food intolerances.

High stress levels may also lead to weight gain. When we are stressed, we often reach for extra carbs to calm down and the stressed digestive system cannot deal with them other than by storing them as fat tissue.

The Chinese say that the source of strength of our digestive systems is in the gut. When high stress levels occur, stress might not only cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome or weight gain but also weaken our immune system through weakening our gut.

Bio-Energy Therapy helps lower stress levels and balances the energy system of the body helping the digestive system to return to perfect functioning.

Bio-Energy Therapy also strengthens the immune system thereby helping the body fight any disease or imbalance and restore itself to optimum health.

Usually about 4 sessions are necessary to give the body adequate energy boost and remove existing energetic blockages. In severe or chronic cases, however, more sessions may be necessary.

Bio-Energy Digestive Issues Treatment™: 4x 1 hour sessions €180 (save €20)

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