Healing birth trauma in a 1-year-old boy (distant healing over Skype)

“Ryan was a one-year-old baby when Agata first treated him and just two blocks of four sessions produced incredible results. He was in pain and discomfort, particularly from locked ribs, shoulders and pelvic joints despite a year of specialist assessment and disability clinics, scans, hospital admissions, a lot of physio and a lot of osteopathic treatment with some but slow and limited/short-term improvement. His development had been delayed by birth injuries and illness, he had only just started sitting, didn’t try to put food or even a bottle to his mouth, and only spoke two words. After just one BioEnergy session, Ryan crawled on all fours for the first time the very next day and the following week crawled up a series of steps – this was remarkable improvement after everything he’d been through! He rapidly gained confidence and some independence which he clearly enjoyed, became more chatty and laughed a lot more than before. Eight months on, Ryan is still doing great; he is in good health and is pain free, runs round playing football, has over 260 words and short phrases and now exceeds development milestones for his age (which was unexpected in his case). After all the treatment he received, without doubt I attribute almost all of his improvement to BioEnergy (anyone who knows me knows I’m an objective scientist and it takes a lot to convince me!) – I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen and experienced these results for myself, it’s incredible stuff and we can’t thank Agata enough for all she’s done. I’m sure every parent wants the best for their child and for Ryan this was probably the best gift he could have been given that’s given him a fantastic start in life and helped him be the happy, bubbly toddler he’s become.”

BW, Westport, Ireland

Healing a lethargic 2-year old with weak immune system (distant healing over Skype)

“After seeing huge improvements when Agata treated my other child [Ryan, see above. AN], I had treatment myself (- which I found very relaxing and pleasant to experience which is comforting to know if considering treatment for your child –) and booked in my other son, Barry (then aged two and a half). Barry had relatively mild ailments but he seemed run down and lethargic with a stye, a nasty boil he’d had for quite a while, eczema, tight shoulders, frequent chest infections, and poor eating since around the time his younger brother arrived one year before. Immediate results (within the first few days) included a burst of new words and some good sentences/long phrases (although not the reason for treatment, Agata was unsurprised and explained that BioEnergy therapy boosts the nervous system), his mood improved, his eating improved, and the boil and stye quickly healed. In the longer term, Barry generally has more energy and is in better health – he catches infections far less often and when he does catch one he recovers from it considerably faster than before, he occasionally gets a little eczema and illness if he gets something to eat when in the care of others that he should avoid but otherwise the eczema quickly cleared and generally he doesn’t have any eczema now, and he hasn’t had a stye or boil since treatment. I was also very grateful to Agata for her explanations and suggestions for things I could do to help. Everything Agata was able to do and advise far exceeded my hopes and expectations from when I first rang to book, I’m so grateful to her!”

BW, Westport, Ireland

Healing sciatica (pain radiating from buttocks down the left leg)

“My sciatica made driving almost impossible. I also found it very difficult to sit in the office chair during the working day. After the first bioenergy session the pain almost disappeared but then I probably made it worse through over-exercising and carrying buckets of coal. At the next session Agata dealt with my mid-back pain. After 4 sessions I was pain-free. What a relief! I will be recommending Agata – not only did she heal my pain but also showed me how to remain pain-free by changing my posture!”

Mary, 59, Castlebar

About chronic back pain treatment (the client suffered for 35 years):

“I’m amazed about the relief of pain in my back after just two bio-energy sessions… It’s like being given a million pounds – more than that! It’s worth more than gold itself to be free from pain. Thank you, Agata”

Karen O., Achill Island, Co. Mayo

Badly pulled back muscle while lifting a case. In strong pain for 5 days, unable to drive or walk straight. Feedback after 1 session (client walked out straight):

“Thank you very much for the healing. Highly recommending you since.”

V. E., Mayo

Chronic shoulder pain due to 2 accidents years ago interfering with sleep at night. Feedback after 1 session:

“Many thanks for yesterday’s treatment; I had a good night’s sleep and was not interrupted by shoulder pain. I hope that the relief continues.”

“The relief continues! I am telling everyone about it, it’s amazing!”

Brendan, Dublin

About Bio-Energy Rejuvenation Treatment™ (2 sessions in person and 2x distant healing):

Dreyana 2“I have to be honest I tried the rejuvenation package more out of curiosity then anything. I do believe in energy and healing, but I wasn’t sure about the anti-ageing bit and thought that at the very least a healing session would be good for my overall health and leave me feeling calm and nice.

Imagine my surprise that within one week of the third treatment I was asked if I was still in my twenties (more like careening towards 40) and had a cab driver turn in his seat with shock and scare me into thinking we’d have an accident when I told him my age!

The weird thing was that the texture of my skin seemed to change for a few weeks there, as if my pores were smaller, and this was over the holiday season when I was eating less healthy then usual and getting way less sleep and would have expected to look haggard.

I would say that most of all I had a bit of a ‘glow’ so to speak. The results lasted for about a month, now I’m going to go for a top up and see what happens next. Pretty addictive stuff, I must say!”

Dreyana Orly www.dreyana.com

About treating a worn shoulder joint:

“I attended Agata for Bio-energy healing. I have an on going problem with my right shoulder. I am a potter and over the years I have wear on my shoulder joint and the muscles tighten a lot.
I found the bio-energy healing of great benefit. It was very relaxing and noninvasive. I had relief from my shoulder pain almost immediately and over the next three weeks I had massive relief from the discomfort I had.
I found Agata very professional and easy to talk to.”

Laura Mulligan, Achill Island, Co. Mayo

Pain, stiffness and numbing of the hands resulting from neck vertebrae pressing on the nerve

“I came for treatment with nerve pain radiating along my arms and numbing of my fingers. Agata was able to identify the problem and to my surprise I felt improvement after the first treatment. For about a day after the session I felt considerable loosening in my neck area and some pain which quickly subsided. I was pain-free for over 2 weeks.”

J. F., chef, Achill

Persistent stomach problems (distant healing over Skype)

“I suffer from depressive moods and low energy but the problem was mostly persistent stomach pains, probably due to stress. I had a 4-session treatment which was very pleasant.

After the first session stomach pain eased greatly but mostly I felt very energised and my mood improved a lot. After the following sessions the positive results stabilised. I feel much more in control of my emotions now. After exercising I wasn’t tired at all whereas before I couldn’t force myself to even start! I am in this good state to this day. I am very happy I tried bio-energy therapy, I will be recommending it.”

[POLSKI] “Powodem szukania pomocy w bioenergoterapii byly przede wszystkim dolegliwosci zoladkowe (czeste uczucie dyskomfortu, duszenia, jakby ciezaru w zoladku), a takze obnizenie nastroju i niedostatek energii zyciowej (sennosc, czesto niechec do robienia czegokolwiek). Zoladek jest moim wrazliwym organem, odpowiada, jak sadze, dolegliwosciami na stres zwiazany z osobistymi problemami. Mam sklonnosci do stanow zapalnych blony sluzowej zoladka.

Cztery sesje za posrednictwem internetu, wykonane przez Agate Nowicka, znaczaco wplynely na poprawe mojego stanu zdrowia i samopoczucia (8, 12, 15, 19. I. 2014). Trzy poprzedzone byly relaksacja, po ktorej cialo bylo rozluznione – usnelam. W trakcie sesji czulam przyjemne falowanie, mrowienie, pulsowanie w konczynach, przeplyw ciepla – zwlaszcza w rekach. Towarzyszyl temu swobodny przeplyw roznych obrazow i mysli. Czwarta sesja poprzedzona byla bardzo owocna rozmowa o waznych dla mnie sprawach, bez relaksacji szybko nastapilo rozluznienie ciala, ktoremu towarzyszyly przyjemne doznania, podobne jak w czasie poprzednich sesji. Szczegolnie mocno odczuwalam cieplo w rekach do lokci, a takze “bulgotanie” w zoladku.
Juz po pierwszej sesji w znacznym stopniu ustapily dolegliwosci zoladka, a przede wszystkim poczulam przyplyw energii i wewnetrznej sily, poprawil mi sie nastroj, nabralam dystansu do problemow. Po nastepnych sesjach te pozytywne skutki utrwalaly sie, zoladek czasem w niewielkim stopniu “odzywal sie”, lecz na krotko. Z checia uczestniczylam w zajeciach gimnastycznych 2 razy w tygodniu (chodze na nie od 10 lat, jednak ostatnio czesto nie chcialo mi sie) – po godzinie cwiczen w ogole nie czulam zmeczenia. Ten stan utrzymuje sie do dzisiaj, mam znacznie wieksza kontrole nad nastrojem i emocjami.
Sadze, ze sesje bioenergoterapeutyczne poprawily moj stan zdrowia i samopoczucie, jestem bardzo zadowolona, ze w nich uczestniczylam, zwlaszcza ze byly takze bardzo przyjemne.”
Krystyna N, Poznan, Poland

Chronic sinus problems with cough, throat and ear infection (distant healing over Skype)

“I asked Agata for help because for a few good months I was suffering from persistent sore throat and ears, blocked sinuses and painful wet cough even though I had got an antibiotic and antiallergy treatments. Not only the (distant) sessions wer very pleasant (full relaxation, this blissful state you get into just before you fall asleep) but also session after session the symptoms eased until they disappeared completely. There is also the bonus of loads of energy and positive disposition. This alone is why Bio-Energy Therapy is worth trying, even distantly.”

[POLSKI] “Poprosilam pania Agate o pomoc bo meczyly mnie od paru miesiecy,  pomimo przebytej kuracji antybiotykowej i antyalergicznej , uporczywy bol gardla, uszu, zatkane zatoki i bardzo mokry kaszel . Nie dosc, ze sesje ( na odleglosc)  byly niezwykle przyjemne ( pelny relaks i ten blogi stan tuz przed zasnieciem ) to jeszcze  z sesji na sesje nekajace mnie objawy powoli ustepowaly az do ich zaniku. Jest jeszcze bonus w postaci przyplywu energii i pozytywnego nastawienia do swiata. Chocby dla  samego tego warto poddac sie terapii, nawet na odleglosc.”

Pani Agato – dziekuje. Malgorzata z Poznania

Meniere’s Disease (vertigo, buzzing in the ear and partial healing loss in left ear) – chronic disease of unknown origin

“I am really grateful to Agata – I work for myself and the vertigo kept me in bed for about two hours each morning, sometimes longer. The buzzing drove me crazy. Doctors had no idea what to do. After 4 sessions the ear feels much less blocked and I seem to only experience some vertigo when I am very overworked or stressed. The buzzing also lessened a lot. I can work normally again and I also understand that if I look after myself and keep the stress levels in check I will be fine.”

Dan, 28, Mayo

Helping 3-year old autistic girl to stop injuring herself and improving her eye contact, communication and digestion (distant healing over Skype)

“My little daughter is autistic. She used to bite her hand which worried me a lot. She didn’t maintain eye contact and it was extremely hard to communicate with her. Agata not only calmed her down during 4 half-hour distant healing sessions (when my daughter was asleep) so that she stopped injuring herself and started communicating her physiological needs, but also discovered that my daughter had severe food intolerances aggravating her condition. Agata’s intuition was confirmed by professional medical diagnosis. I am very grateful to Agata and amazed how you can achieve so much through distant healing!!”

Article from Mayo News (read here) sheds more light on how Bio-Energy Therapy can help with autism.