How To Heal Your Heart: New Gratitude and Generosity Meridians

How To Heal Your Heart: New Gratitude and Generosity Meridians

pericardium-prayer-pose-to-heal-your-heartWhen I started practising as a Bio-Energy Therapist, I was surprised to discover how many of the physical symptoms were related with some energetic disturbance of the heart.

Usually, the disturbance shows as blockage, constriction or pain, but it can also appear as arrhythmia, skipped beats etc.

The symptoms related to impaired heart energy field can be recurrent back pain (lower and upper are as common as middle back as sometimes the body compensates with strain and pain above or below the heart), digestive issues, depression and anxiety or feeling of tightness in the chest.

Bioenergy Healing on its own can help quite a lot here but I have noticed that the best therapeutic strategy is to combine bioenergy with emotional work.

Bioenergy makes the body feel relaxed, comfortable, more energised and stronger. Funnily enough, when the system feels good and strong, it becomes quite eager to deal with deeper repressed issues of emotional nature.

Repressed emotions wreak havoc in the physical body (read about the link between physical body and emotions here). Emotional work (I use Sedona Method and Theta Healing mainly as well as Pleasure Practice) helps detect and heal trauma and related negative emotions which equals healing the heart. You are left with positive learnings and memories but the negative emotions are gone both from your body and mind.

In my understanding, this kind of combination strategy heals the newly discovered Gratitude and Generosity Meridians which govern the functioning of pericardium.

Here is a little more about these two pericardium meridians:

pericardium-meridians left Gratitude Meridian right Generosity MeridianGratitude Meridian: is your LEFT Pericardium Meridian. When energy is flowing down from head to hand, it’s easy to perceive, receive and reach out to get our own needs met. Feeling deprived, feeling un-met needs, causes the left Gratitude Meridian to flow backwards, “uphill,” from hand to head, giving us an “uptight feeling.”

Generosity Meridian: is your RIGHT Pericardium Meridian. When energy is flowing down from head towards hand, it’s easy to share our heart feelings and give from our overflow. Giving from obligation is not this, neither is over-giving from a sense of obligation or giving as investment with the purpose to obligate the receiver to give back to you.

When your heart is healthy, positive and balanced you stay aware in the present, are enthusiastic, have healthy impulse control, appropriate dependency and healthy interest in the outer world. You feel satiated and tranquil. You are prone to healthy playful risk taking and appreciate the rejuvenating power of play. Healthy play derives some of its pleasure from taking and succeeding at small risks.

If you are not so healthy and balanced, signs of imbalance and impaired emotional control will appear.

If your pericardium meridians are underactive you might be prone to numbing out on gloomy passive addictions (like watching tv) to get away from the anxiety of a crisis of identity.

If, on the other hand, your pericardium meridians are overactive, you might be given to flying off the handle in reckless over-activity. You might also be prone to active, harsh, reckless sensationalism (hysteria is the old term) to get away from the anxiety of a crisis of identity.

Read more about Heart Psychology here

It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

I find it really fascinating that so much change and healing can be offered to the body-mind without any chemical substance whatsoever! Not only this, the work on emotions addresses the root causes of physical ailments rather than just control the symptoms. This means that therapy well done will heal you for good.

As usual, if you have any questions or would like me to assist you with dealing with some of your issues, do not hesitate to give me a ring or drop me an email. I happily work on Skype 🙂




How Negative Emotions and Stress Affect Physical Body

Emotions and Physical Body Link pic by Sabi KrabiI guess nowadays everybody has at least heard about a link between stress and negative emotions and physical ailments. However, having heard is far from believing. After all, it’s hard to imagine how negative emotions can affect the physical functioning of our bodies and cause illness.

I have found a great article by Dr. Eric B. Robins, a urologist who uses Time Line Therapy (from the NLP stable) with his patients, where Dr. Robins explains how the link between emotions and body works.

Basically, negative emotions are physically stored in our bodies.

You can imagine them as little black bags containing emotions and the memory of traumatic event stuck in the flesh.Those little bags cork up the energy pathways and the healing energy and information cannot circulate in the body. It means that parts of the body don’t get the info from the brain about their correct functioning and also that they don’t get the nourishment of the healing energy (known as prana, chi, bioenergy). This interferes with their correct functioning.

In Dr. Robins’s own words:

I usually say to them [my patients], “negative emotions and stress are stored in the body, and you know this because you can’t feel negative emotions or stress without feeling them as tensions in the body. after all, people don’t say “I think anger”, they say “I feel angry, or I feel depressed.”

Usually after I say this, people have to go inside themselves to verify what I’m saying is true.

Next, I say, “because negative emotions are stored as tensions in the body, they create real physical changes. These tensions seem to block the body’s natural flow of healing energy.”

I usually do not go into depth about this although I could talk to them about the work of Dr. Paul Goodwin at Alaska Pacific University who has shown that negative emotions and unconscious parts, where they are stored in the body, create functional boundaries in the nervous system (i.e. the body’s own natural healing energy cannot flow to that part of the body).

Read the full article here

In order to heal the body it is necessary to identify and open up the little black bags. Emotions that well up need to be healed and released. This can be achieved in various ways, some of them include Bioenergy Healing, Theta Healing, Time Line Therapy and other emotional release techniques.

In my experience, the combination of Bioenergy Healing and work on emotions brings tremendous results in quite a short time. If you would like to know more about how I help people deal with stress and negative emotions, do not hesitate to give me a ring or drop me an email.



How To Deal With Winter Blues (SAD)

When winter drags we might feel challenged and respond with depressive moods

When winter drags we might feel challenged and respond with depressive moods

At this time of the year most of us are really sick of winter and yet we have to put up with bad weather and little light for another month or two.

Well, we have two basic options: give in to the gloom or see what we can do to make the remaining winter days lighter and to prepare for the coming of spring.

If you feel SAD, consider taking some extra vitamin D (I find D Pearls by Pharma Nord best). It takes a while until the supplement takes effect (up to 6 weeks) but it’s really worth it. In Ireland, due to small amount of sunlight, most people have a deficit of this important vitamin. Vitamin D is a mega-vitamin: it supports many vital processes, it coordinates the metabolism, is linked to the function of thyroid gland and to the whole hormonal system. It’s deficit may result in depressive moods.

Other vitamins linked to mood are B vitamins (especially B6). You might also need some magnesium – you will know you do for sure if you crave chocolate.

As for diet, it’s already time to start re-introducing lighter soups and salads – according to ayurveda we are at kapha time of the year now which means that we may feel sluggish and prone to depression if we eat too many kapha foods (dairy products, wheat, sugar, fats). Now it’s easy to put on weight. Green vegetables and hot spices to promote digestion are therefore good choices.

During kapha time we might feel lazy, heavy and prone to depressive moods. A simple way to deal with this is to keep an eye on interesting activities in the neighbourhood and go to meet people – a nice chat by the fire will lighten anybody’s mood. It may sound like a cliche – but now that we feel so heavy and tired it’s easy to stay on the sofa in front of the tv all too often. A bit of exercise would also be great – after 30 mins of workout endorphins, the feel-good hormones are released into the bloodstream.

And finally – how can bioenergy healing help you to surf through this challenging time. Bioenergy healing can energise the body, give the lazy metabolism a boost and lighten the mood. Read more about Stress, Depression and Anxiety Treatment here.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to give me a buzz – I will be happy to answer any questions you might have in relation to bioenergy healing. If you live far away – it’s not a problem. I also work distantly via Skype.